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Global Macro Outlook January 2018

What’s Next for the USD: Macro Themes to Expect in 2018

  • In this last edition of the WFYI Global Macro Outlook for 2017, we look back at some of the dominant market themes in the year, as well as what that means for global markets moving into 2018 (using the USD as the focal point). 2017 was, by all means, a positive year for most asset classes and we see evidence of that in the fact that everything from t...

Global Macro Outlook December 2017

Rising Sun: A Secular Upturn in the Japanese Economy

  • In the previous edition of the WFYI Global Macro Outlook, we looked at some interesting opportunities in the market for Electric Vehicles. Driven by the impending demand for EVs and corresponding shortages of supply, in 2017 alone, cobalt spot prices have skyrocketed 80% and nickel is also up 28%. We believe this trend is likely to persist into 2018, as d...