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Global Macro Outlook September 2017

The Great Reversion: Returning to Economic Reality

  • In this month’s edition of the Global Macro Outlook, we will look at two unique divergences between the economic hard data and general market sentiment. Building on those themes, we will see how we can translate these macro data trends into actionable trade ideas for the private trader or investor.


  • The first of these t...

OECD INFE International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy Competences

In the past years the OECD International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE) conveyed a global survey set to measure and compare financial literacy of world‘s adult population. This unprecedented exercise provided countries with useful insights and data alowing to see how their adult population rank among other countries. In total, 51,650 adults aged 18 to 79 were interviewed using the same core questions, thirty countries and economi...