World Federation of Young Investors 


Global Macro Outlook November 2017

Electric Rain: Macro Opportunities from the EV Revolution

  • Ten months into the year, the macroeconomic landscape remains broadly the same: Developed Market Equities continue to grind upwards despite valuations remaining high. Traders and investors continue to crowd into momentum-based trades. Volatility remains at historically-low levels and longer dated yields are stuck in a tight trading range. In an inves...

WFYI welcomes new member organisation!

We are delighted to welcome the Finnish Young Shareholder Society to our community!

The Finnish society (Nuoret Osakesäästäjät) is newly established (2017) but already has more than a 1000 members. They work to education people under the age of 30 in personal finance including investing in stocks and funds. They society is part of the Finnish Shareholder Society which is an old and well established organisation. The young shareholde...