Podcast Release Date set - World Federation of Young Investors

The WFYI podcast release date is set to October 20. The first series will consist of ten episodes and cover themes such as net-nets and value investing, M&A processes, behavioural finance, corporate governance, and aggressive accounting. Each episode will be 25 minutes long, and feature world leading economists, businessmen, and public persons as our guests.

The team working on it consists of six people, of which Chairman Patrick Thomenius and Secretary General Elizavéta Lindström are presenters, and we look forward to receive your comments and questions.

Our listeners will be able to discuss the episodes here on our website, Facebook and Twitter (the hashtags will be publicised closer to the release date). Meanwhile, you can tweet to us at @World_Investors, or directly to Secretary General Elizavéta Lindström at @lizalindstrom.