WFYI welcomes new member organisation! - World Federation of Young Investors

We are delighted to welcome the Finnish Young Shareholder Society to our community!

The Finnish society (Nuoret Osakesäästäjät) is newly established (2017) but already has more than a 1000 members. They work to education people under the age of 30 in personal finance including investing in stocks and funds. They society is part of the Finnish Shareholder Society which is an old and well established organisation. The young shareholders of Finland work nationally to reach its members and strives to establish local boards across the country.

“We see the membership in World Federation of Investors as a win-win situation and a great opportunity to collaborate and develop our activities together. We believe that knowledge sharing global networking would be an important way to success. ” – Laura Linkoneva, President of Nuoret Osakesäästäjät

“By welcoming the Finnish youth society as a National Member Organisation we have the opportunity to grow a strong collaboration in the Nordic region. The Nordic members share many traits and are close in organisation structure as well as culture. We look forward to projects across boarders and innovative initiatives between the Nordic countries.” – Patrick Thomenius, Chairman of WFYI


Nuoret Osakesäästäjät