New Member Organisation - World Federation of Young Investors

We are happy to welcome Društvo Finančnih Managerjev (Financial Management Group) as a new member of World Federation of Young Investors.

Financial management group is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization from Slovenia based at the University of Ljubljana. Financial management group works to promote the gathering of students with common interests, develop cooperation between professors, employers and students, primarily between professors and students from Faculty of Economics Ljubljana, to promote education and to organize business projects, lectures, seminars, symposia and roundtables.

Current projects include Slovenian Case Challenge 2016. The primary purpose of the Slovenian Case Challenge 2016 project is the organization of student competition in solving business problems. The importance of the meeting is in encouraging cooperation between higher education and general industry. The overall scope of the project includes the selection of participating companies, obtaining sponsors, advertising, final event with announcement of the winners and evening after party. Duration of the project is estimated at approximately one year (January – December 2016). The competition will be held in November 2016. In total, around 40 days. Resolving business cases will be held for 22 days. Meantime students are independently solving selected cases at desired location in groups or as individuals from 1 to 4 members. Participates include 5 companies and 750 students.

For more information, visit the official Facebook page