NEW MEMBER ORGANISATION - World Federation of Young Investors

The Board of Directors of the World Federation of Young Investors are delighted to welcome Unga Aktiesparare, Swedish Young Shareholder Organisation to join the organisation.

The Admittance Committee of the World Federation of Young Investors has approved Unga Aktiesparare to become an official member organisation. Unga Aktiesparare was founded in 1989. The organisation has almost 12 000 members, an office of 6 employees and almost 200 active members.

Unga Aktiesparare is a non-profit organisation operating nationally in Sweden. It runs the well known eductional program UA-akademin (UA Academy), which consists of two levels – beginner and advanced. The program aims to educate in basic financial literacy, and the advanced course teaches about different financial securities and how to invest in those, and is attended by over 1 000 people annually. Unga Aktiesparare also governs a project aiming to teach high school students in personal finance, meeting and lecturing for 20 000 – 25 000 students every year. The association’s active members also organise approximately 300 local events across the country in the same period.

Read more about the organisation at their website