General Assembly 2018 in Paris - World Federation of Young Investors

World Federation of Young Investors gathered 25-28.10.2018 in Paris for their General Assembly. The General Assembly included participation in World Federation of Investors’ Annual General Assembly with panels and presentations on investors’ protection in Europe (MiFID II) and financial literacy education. We are happy to see the EIC corporation making a great work enhancing financial literacy, entrepreneurship and investments among youth in Africa and South America.

The General Assembly elected the following people to the board of World Federation of Young Investors for the period 2018-2020
Peter Flindt Heckerman (Denmark) Chairman of Board
Elizaveta Present Hasselgren (Sweden) Secretary General
Katja Flittner (Finland) Vice Chairman of Board
Linda Sun (Singapore/the US)
Joseph Sessou (Ivory Coast/France)
Atli Snær Jóhannsson (Iceland)