About - World Federation of Young Investors


World Federation of Young Investors is politically and religiously independent. It functions as a not-for-profit liaison organisation for national organisations with focus on private investor education. Our members are national youth investment clubs worldwide which share the same objectives as WFYI.

Anyone can become a part of our community by either joining an existing National Member Organisation (NMO), establishing a new or as a volunteer. Every year the WFYI arranges interesting activities, trips and events with the purpose of learning more about financial markets, investments, gain international experience, create networks, and enjoy the company of people from around the world which share the interest of investment.


The World Federation of Young Investors promotes private share ownership and investment education, and works to increase financial literacy among youth world wide.

The definition for financial literacy is that used by OECD: The OECD/INFE definition of financial literacy recognises that even if an individual has sufficient knowledge and ability to act in a particular way, their attitude will influence their decision of whether or not to act: ‘A combination of awareness, knowledge, skill, attitude and behaviour necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial well being.’

We want to give young people the tools needed for impacting their financial future regardless of their country of residence and the maturity of their native financial market and economic climate. By raising financial literacy we want to promote the mentality to invest today’s money for a better tomorrow, thereby ensuring a personal financial stability for the world’s youth.


Every young person on the planet shall have access to our network of investment clubs, regardless of their country of residence, sex, ethnicity, religion, educational level and financial situation. Through these NMOs, we shall offer financial education from a basic level which is adapted to the conditions of each country. If the young person wishes to gain further education, we shall offer the possibility through our support system and network of NMOs.

WFYI shall be reachable for every young person in the world through one or more national investment clubs in his or her country of residence.

Board of Directors

Peter Flindt Heckermann

Katja Flittner
Vice Chairman

Atli Snaers
Board member


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